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Refinishing & Repairs

Sink Repair and Tub Refinishing Based in Bakersfield, California

Did you know that many people fall in their tubs each day? You can update your tub's safety, while also elevating its look, with Humberto's Tub & Sink Refinishing. Enhance your bathroom's appeal and safety with quality sink and tub refinishing and repair work from our company based in Bakersfield, California.

Modern Bathroom

No-Slip Mats

One of the main tub and sink refinishing options we provide is adding a special epoxy paint that matches your bathroom's current decor. The paint becomes a no-slip mat directly on the surface of your tub! We also offer invisible mats with acid-etched surfaces that provide better traction without lowering your bathroom's appeal.

Other Safety Services Include:

  • Injecting a Special Foam into Cracks to Restore Tubs (No Need for Replacement)
  • Restoring Claw Foot Tubs and Other Styles of Tubs/Sinks
  • Painting Custom Designs in Claw Foot Tubs
  • Changing the Colors of Claw Foot Tubs
  • Painting Tiles and Countertops
  • Repairing Holes, Cracks, and Other Eyesores
  • Installing Tubs with Elderly-Friendly and Handicapped-
    Accessible Openings/Doors

Custom Work on Tubs

Bathtub in The Process Being Refinished

Bathtub in The Middle of Being Refinished

End-Result of The Bathtub Refinishing Process

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