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Auto and Cleaning Products Based in Bakersfield, California

Keep your vehicle and bathroom looking their best with effective cleaning and auto products from our company based in Bakersfield, California. Humberto's Tub & Sink Refinishing is pleased to offer you a wide range of products that keep the shine in your bathroom and/or automobile.

Cleaning Products

We carry specialty polishing products we have designed specifically to clean and polish your sink and tub.  These products don't scratch the surface of your tub or sink, but they do leave them shiny and protected from use, erosion, and damage from water and soap.

Auto Products

We also have a variety of high-quality automotive products. Our most popular items are waxes that make your car shine and protect it against acid rain and other damaging elements, as well as de-greasers, polishes, and specialty soaps that clean your car without removing its wax.

Give us a call for an estimate on tub and sink refinishing that incorporates our products.

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